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Richard Adler - Rapporteur, Participant

Richard Adler is a Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for the Future, Palo Alto.  He is also president of People & Technology, a consulting firm located in Silicon Valley.  His research has focused on the impact of new technologies on fields including business, education, healthcare and aging.

Richard is the author of reports from each of the previous Innovation Roundtables: Fragmentation and Concentration in the New Digital Environment (2014); Connecting the Edges (2013); Institutional Innovation: Oxymoron or Imperative? (2012); Solving the Dilbert Paradox (2011); Leveraging the Talent-Driven Firm (2010); and Talent Reframed: Moving to the Talent Driven Firm (2009).  Other reports he has written for the Aspen Institute include: Rethinking Communications Policy (2012); Updating Rules of the Digital Road: Privacy, Security, Intellectual Property (2011); News Cities: The Next Generation of Healthy Informed Communities (2011); Media and Democracy (2009); and Minds on Fire: Enhancing India’s Knowledge Workforce (2007).  He is also the author of After Broadband: Imagining Hyperconnected Worlds (Wharton, 2012) and Healthcare Unplugged: The Evolving Role of Wireless Technology (California HealthCare Foundation, 2007). 

Richard is Fellow of the World Demographic Association and serves on a number of local and national boards. He holds a BA from Harvard, an MA from the University of California at Berkeley, and an MBA from the McLaren School of Business at the University of San Francisco.



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