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Charla Rath - Participant

Charla Rath joined Verizon in January 2010 as Vice President – Wireless Policy Development, where she is engaged in the development of Verizon’s public policy positions on spectrum and other wireless issues.  Previously, as Executive Director – Spectrum and Public Policy at Verizon Wireless, Charla worked with the company’s business development and network planning groups to address policy and regulatory issues related to the acquisition of spectrum. 

Prior to joining Verizon Wireless, Charla was Vice President – Strategic Affiliations, of NextWave Telecom Inc., where she established a business alliance of small carriers and coordinated advocacy on spectrum auction and financial issues.  As Vice President of Freedom Technologies, Inc., a Washington, DC-based telecommunications consulting firm, she advised governments and companies worldwide on a range of telecommunications structural, regulatory and business strategy issues. 

Charla also served in the government as advisor to FCC Chairman Alfred C. Sikes on common carrier and spectrum policy issues and as a primary specialist in spectrum and Internet policy at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.  Early in her career, she worked in both the United States and Europe on projects related to the impact of information technology on the financial and education sectors. 

Charla has an M.A. in science, technology, and public policy from The George Washington University and a B.S.F.S (Foreign Service) in international economics and finance from Georgetown University. 



Verizon Wireless


Vice President,
Wireless Policy Development